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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I bought this palette and brushes at a few months ago. I love it so much that i use it everyday! The eyeshadows are very pigmented and the brushes are very pretty and soft. My only complain about the brushes is that it has a chemical smell to it. I know all new make up brushes must be wash and sanitize before using it so that's what i did.

First, I washed it with Pantene shampoo then I let it dry until the next day. It didn't work so I washed it again but this time i decided to use a laundry detergent (Tide) and fabric softener (Snuggle). I let it dry again until the next day. Guess what?! It works! The brushes was still in perfect condition and no fall outs! Amazing! hehe.
have a good day! =)

(This picture was taken the day I receive it from the mail on July 23, 2008)

88 Piece Regular Eyeshadow

88 Piece Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow

28 Piece Neutral Eyeshadow

Pink Round Crease Eye Brush
Pink Oval Taklon Lip Brush
Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush
Pink Kolinsky Lip Brush
Pink Flat Top Bronzer Buffer Brush
Pink Blending Fluff Brush
Pink Kabuki Brush

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