Monday, February 23, 2009


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Everyday Minerals Pigment Swatches  

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 pigments sample for $17 dollars at
$2.50 each sample size (brown packaging)
$6.00 each mini size (green packaging)

I got this eyeshadow three months ago. I don't know if they still have the eyeshadow custom kit because I just checked it a few minutes ago and is not there.

I decided to post swatches of my everyday minerals pigments before I go to bed. HEHE. My favorite eyeshadow are Laptop, Thank You, and Mystic Night. I love LAPTOP! I used it almost everyday. =)

I swatched this eyeshadow without a base.

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CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

CoverGirl Eye Enhancers
$3.29 at Ulta Store

Gold Sizzle

Indigo Impact


Kaboom Kelly

I don't have any CoverGirl eyeshadow so I decided to buy some. I choose to get this eye enhancer just to try it. I like it so far but I haven't been outside to see if this eyeshadow will stay on all day. I don't feel like going out today so I will never find out! Hehe =)

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Eyeslipsface Candy Shop Lipgloss  

Saturday, February 14, 2009

$1 each from Target
Top to Bottom: Cherry Bomb, Berry Pop, Mocha Maniac


I heard a lot of good things about this lipgloss so I decided to buy it. The smell of this stuff makes me wanna eat it. I like this lipgloss because it smells good and it's only a dollar.

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MAC Hello Kitty Obsession Part 2  

I received the two package I was waiting for from MAC online yesterday. I'm still waiting for my other package to arrive before I post all my MAC Hello Kitty Collection. =)

I went to a MAC store in Bloomingdales today to get 3 items:
  1. "On the PROWL" nail polish. I got the last one! =) $11
  2. "Vestral White" nail polish. $11
  3. "Fresh Brew" lipstick. $14

Total w/tax:


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MAC Hello Kitty Obssesion  

Friday, February 13, 2009

My friend Lenny and I went shopping yesterday. First, we went to the MAC PRO to see the HK collection. We bought the stuff we wanted to get and then we decided to get some lunch before we start shopping again. After eating lunch, we start to talk about how much we liked the HK collection so we decided to go back to MAC PRO to buy more stuff. We were going crazy because the MAC Hello Kitty items were selling out so fast. Some of the stuff we wanted were sold out so we decide to go to Macy's to check out their MAC. We did find what we were looking for but I forgot to buy the "On The Prowl" nail polish which is now SOLD OUT everywhere! =(

I'm so glad we went to MAC at Macy's because we had a great time with the two nicest MAC Makeup Artist. They help us a lot and they even let us play around with the entire HK Collection samples for 2 hours.

When we got home from the mall, We decided to go online to get more stuff at We ordered online the "Hello Kitty Soft Vanity Case" and the "Very Pink" Glitter. HEHE.

I'm obsess with MAKEUP and She's Obsess with HELLO KITTY! We are a perfect pair for this collection! HAHA. I'm really glad Lenny came with me because I had a great time with her.

Here is the list of the stuff I bought from the Hello Kitty Collection at MAC PRO and MACY'S :
(First purchase)
  1. Hello Kitty Cosmetics Bag $35
  2. Something About Pink $11
  3. Pink Fish Tinted Lip Condtioner $14.50
  4. Popster Tinted Lip Conditioner $14.50

Total w/tax: $80.25

(Second purchase)

  1. Kitty Power Glitter Liner $16.50
  2. Fashion Mews Lipstick $14.00
  3. Big Bow $14.00
  4. Fast Friends Lipglass $14.00
  5. Sweet Strawberry $14.00
  6. Deep Blue Green Pigment $19.00
  7. Milk Pigment $19.00

Total w/tax: $119.31


  1. Most Popular Lipstick $14.00
  2. Nice to be nice Lipglass $14.00
  3. Nice Kitty lipglass $14.00
  4. Her Glitz Glitter liner $14.00

Total w/tax: $62.60

  1. Very Pink Glitter $17.50
  2. Soft Vanity Case $55.00

Total w/tax: $79.50

Free Shipping!

Total Spent:


Yap! I went MAC crazy!

I'm not going to post my entire MAC HELLO KITTY collection yet because I'm still waiting for a package from the mail. I'm also thinking about buying some stuff from HK Kouture but I'm not sure since I already spent so much money with this collection.

(For my non filipino readers: "ATE" means older sister in filipino language. We call "ATE" to the girls who are older that us to show respect even if we are not related. Just to let you all know just in case someone makes a comment about it).

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

$17 at Sephora
UDPP or Urban Decay Primer Potion is the only eyeshadow base that I use. This UDDP that I'm using is a light nude color. Now, they have a new primer portion that they just release not too long ago called "Sin" which is like a champagne color with a little bit of shimmer on it. I would like to try it but I will stick with this one until I finish it.

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Urban Decay Deluxe Palette  

Urban Decay Deluxe Palette
$38 at Sephora Store


This pallete came with a UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) sample size.

My favorite eyeshadow from this palette: Fishnet, Ransom, Graffiti, and Peace.

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Sally Girl Eyeshadow Quad  

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

$1 each at Sally Beauty Supply

Gum Drops

Power Trip

Lucky Love



This Sally Girl Quad is worst than the Sally Girl single but its ok is only a dollar each. I will never buy Sally Girl eyeshadows again because I think is a waste of money. I don't know if I want to waste my time to swatch this eyeshadows but I think I will do it later if I have extra time. The quad called "Power Trip" and "Lucky Love" are the eyeshadows that I didn't bother swatching since the other three quad I swatched was horrible.

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Sally Girl Single Eyeshadow  

$1 each (Sally Beauty Supply)

From Left to Right:
Rose, Lilac, Purple Passion, Eggplant, Aqua

From Left to Right:
Bronze, Champagne, Starry Night, Sky, Turquoise

I love the colors of this eyeshadows but it doesn't look right when I put it on. I had to put a lot of it to make the colors to show up. I wouldn't recommend this eyeshadows to wear outdoors because it doesn't last all day and the colors starts to look weird after an hour. I hate it! My experience with this eyeshadow was horrible and I would never use it again.

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NYC Mod Quad  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I forgot how much this quad cost because I bought it a long time ago.

From Left to Right:
Creme Liner, Highlight (beige) , All over Lid (pink), Contour (Taupe)

I hate this product! The eyeshadow is too sheer and it won't show up on my skin. The Creme liner smudges and won't even stay on for an hour on a sunny day. I will probably throw this one away soon!

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My Revlon Lipgloss Collection  

$2.00 each (Big Lots)
From Left To Right:

*Blazing Fuchsia
*Coral Me Wild
*Barely Blossom
*Wild About Violet
*Berry Wild
*Feelin' Flirty
*Heart Throb Red

This lipgloss are all limited edition and I'm glad I got them. I use this with my NYX round lipsticks. A Perfect Combo! =)

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MAC Hello Kitty Update!  

Last night, MAC release the Hello Kitty Collection online so I bought the stuff that I want. I can't wait to get it from the mail!

Here are the list of stuff that I ordered:

Eyeshadow Palette: $38 each

  1. Too Dolly
  2. Lucky Tom

Beauty Powder: $22 each

  1. Pretty Baby
  2. Tahitian Sand

Powder Blush: $18 each

  1. Tippy
  2. Fun & Games

Lipstick: $14 each

  1. Strayin
  2. Cute-ster

Lipglass/gloss: $14 each

  1. She Loves Candy
  2. Mimmy

Subtotal: $212.00

plus tax: $14. 84

Shipping: Free! =)



My cousin Abby bought me the Hello Kitty Brush Set for a late Christmas Present!

Thank you Abby! Luv u!

Mac Hello Kitty Brush Set: $49.50

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Eyeslipsface All Over Stick  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

$1 each at Target Store

Pink Lemonade, Persimmon

I don't know what to do with this product. I tried using it as a blush but it made my cheeks so sticky and itchy. I used it as a lipstick one day and it works but I will never use it anywhere else in my face. I still think this product is a waste of money. This stuff smell like candy! I want to eat it! hehe jk

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EyesLipsFace Single Eyeshadow  

EyesLipsFace also known as "E.L.F"

3 Empty Palette $1 each

Eyeshadow Single $1 each Top: Ivory, Wisteria
Bottom: Dusk, Periwinkle

Top: Golden Glow, Pink Ice
Bottom: Sage, Moondust

Mocha, Truly Pink

I bought this ELF eyeshadow singles at Target for a dollar each. I was disappointed because the light eyeshadows doesn't really show up on me but the dark colors looks ok. This eyeshadow is very powdery and it doesn't blend well. I think that this eyeshadows like the ELF Quads are great for beginners who are just starting out with makeup.

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MAC Royal Asset Palette  

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Royal Assets Palette $25.25

Smokey Eyes
*Maid of Honor (Top Left)
*Rondelle (Top Right)
*Palatial (Middle Left)
*Courtly Grey (Middle Right)
*Majestic (Bottom Left)
*Knight (Bottom Right)

Cool Eyes
*Medallion (Top Left)
*Silverwear (Top Right
*Trophy Pink (Middle Left)
*Modern Heir (Middle Right)
*Shadowy Lady (Bottom Left)
*Queen's Jewel (Bottom Right)

This was the eyeshadow palettes they release for MAC Holiday Collection 2007. The packaging is made out of metal so its kinda heavy but I just love the way it looks. I can't really say anything about the eyeshadows right now because I haven't use any of them. Hehe. I will try to update this post as soon as possible to show the swatches of the eyeshadows.

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