Friday, November 14, 2008

My Loreal Hip Collection

I been collecting Loreal HIP Eyeshadow Duos since June 2008. I don't have the entire collection yet but hopefully I would be able to collect all of them. I'm not planning to collect any of the lips and the liquid shadows because I have a lot of those from other brands. I have all the 5 HIP Liner which I have a mix review on and I will be talking about it at the end of this post. I only have two HIP Pigments which I love and can't wait to collect them all.

Loreal Hip Eyeshadow Duo

Top Row:

  • Brazen

  • Adventurous

  • Flare (Favorite)

Middle Row:

  • Showy (Favorite)

  • Flamboyant (Favorite)

  • Spirited

Last Row:

  • Riotous (Favorite)

  • Gilded (Favorite)

  • Sculpted (Favorite)

Loreal Hip Liquid Liner

Top Row:

  • Black and Teal (Favorites)

Bottom Row:

  • Eggplant, Brown, and Midnight Blue

My Review: This liner are good quality because they don't crease or smudge at all after it dries up. I use the black liner everyday but the only complaint that I have about this liner is that the Eggplant and Midnight Blue colors doesn't really show up. They look like a regular black liner when I put it on. I was very disappointed because I was so excited to use the Eggplant because I use a lot of purple eyeshadow. I still use them because like I said, they just look like a regular black liner.

Loreal HIP Pigments

Left :

  • Valient (Blue/Purple)
  • Fiery (Hot Pink)

Review: I love Pigments! They are very expensive for only 1.5 grams but still Worth every penny I payed for. I was lucky to get it at a clearance basket at Target. Haha.

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