Sunday, March 8, 2009

  • Well-Defined Studio Sculpt Foundation $28
  • Creme Team Glass (Fashion Scoop) $18
  • Creme Team Lipstick (Creme Cup) $14
  • Paint Pot (Rubenesque) $16.50
  • Single eyeshadow (Mulch, Motif) $14 each

I have been searching for the Creme Team "Lavender Whip" lipstick and "Ever So Rich" lipglass for a week in half now but with no luck. SOLD OUT! Everywhere! So I just decided to get the "Fashion Scoop" lipglass and I match it with "Creme Cup" lipstick. I like it but not as much i want LAVENDER WHIP with EVER SO RICH! I should have gotten it before it was sold out. :(

Oh, I finally bought my second paint pot called "Rubenesque" it looks pretty! Hehe.

I bought two new eyeshadow called "Mulch" and "Motif" to use for everyday look. I can't wait to try this eyeshadow using Rubenesque as a base. I hope it looks good. :)

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