My First NARS Haul  

Saturday, March 7, 2009

NARS at Sephora

Torrid Blush $25

I don't own any NARS cosmetics so I decided to buy some just to try it. I was planning to get the famous "Orgasm" blush but after swatching it in my hand so many times. All I could see is glitters! i guess because of my skintone? So I swatched all of the blushes and I found TORRID! I fell inlove! :)

Hula Hula Eyeshadow Duo $32

I swatched all the eyeshadows and I like them all. I love the night series eyeshadows but since its my first time buying NARS I decided to get a neutral color. I decided to get one of the duo eyeshadow from their Spring 2009 collection which is called "HULA HULA" I love it! :) I'm thinking about collecting the night series eyeshadows but $32 dollars for each eyeshadow? I don't think it will happen :)

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