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Monday, May 11, 2009

Well, It's 2:14 am and I can't sleep so I decided to post my MAC Haul.

This is all I got from the CCO because I realize that I had been spending so much money on makeup lately. And my makeup collection is growing so fast that I'm afraid I won't be able to use them all. I want to collect slowly. Hehe.

My CCO got a lot of new MAC stuff that came in this weekend. They have the two jewel pallete from the Christmas Collection which I didn't like at all. They also have the Wisteria Eye Trio from Dame Edna Collection. And they have two palette from MAC Nordstrom collection that came out few months ago but I forgot the name.

They had a lot of MAC single eyeshadow! I think I counted 30 eyeshadow?

I had been wanting to get Stars N' Rockets for a long time now but I keep forgetting to buy it. I always get distracted by the display of the new collections. After swatching Expensive Pink for so many times I decided to get it. Hepcat is so pretty!! Love it!

Stark Naked blush is from the MAC Red She Said Collection. This blush is soooooo Pretty!!!!!!! They also have another blush called "Enough Said" which is also from the same collection. Sweetness blush looks exactly like MAC HK blush "Tippy" I might return it since I already have Tippy.

Snob (satin) Lipstick looks exactly like MAC Saint Germain from MAC Sugar Sweet Collection. I should return my Saint Germain lipstick! ;) Overrich (glaze) lipstick is like a dark version of Lollipop Loving :) It's kinda like a orangey/peachy color?

We went to two malls that day which is good because one has a CCO and one has a MAC counter :)

MAC Cosmetics

The only reason I went to the MAC counter is to get "Girl About Town" lipstick but they were sold out! I was really sad so I had to buy something to make me happy :) I bought two cremesheen lipstick "Shy Girl" and "Lickable."

I started working with this post since 2:14 am and its now 5:12 am!

I need to get some sleep -_-

Well, I hope you all liked my haul and I hope you all had a great weekend! Ciao!

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