Boys Over Flowers / 2Ne1  

Friday, June 12, 2009

I am now a BIG FAN of Boys Over Flowers!!! ^_^ I watched the Korean (twice) and the Japanese version. I like them both but I like the Korean version a lot! I just love Jun Pyo and Jan Di! They are so cute together! Ay... They make my heart melt! I love this show so much I downloaded the soundtrack! ^_^

This is probably an old news to my fellow filipino bloggers but is new to me. Hehe. I was watching a video in youtube last night called " The Buzz" (an entertainment news show from Philippines) and they were talking about Sandara Park. She's a korean actress and singer in the philippines but she went back to South Korean last year to try and see if she can also become famous over there. Well, She did it and I'm proud of her! Hehe :) She's a member of a girl group called "2Ne1" and she changed her name to DARA. I love their song called "Fire" :)
Bom, Dara, CL, and Mimzy

I need to get back to work :) Ciao!

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