Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson!/ Dedication  

Friday, June 26, 2009

I had been watching the news since this morning since I found out that Farrah Faucet (RIP) has died. I'm a news freak so I watch the news all the time. Then all the sudden a breaking news! Micheal Jackson was rush to the hospital due to Cardiac Arrest.

My whole family is a big fan of MJ so I kept watching to learn more details about him before I start calling my family. First, they said he was ok but he is still in a COMA. Few minutes later, they confirmed that he is dead! :*( I was crashed! One of My Childhood Idol is gone.

On Sept 18 2008, My Hubby and I got really bored so we decided to go online to do some Karaoke. My Hubby is a good singer but I'm not. I sux at it but it didn't stopped me singing one of my favorite MJ's song. My favorite song of MJ is "BEN" and I'm glad I save this voice recording of me singing it. Warning! I'm a terrible singer but I hope to bring a smile in someone's face. HEHE. Well, It cheered me up and its just for fun. Hehe
This is for you MJ, REST IN PEACE!

Michael's Version

My Version
This was on private so you guys are the first people to listen to me singing. lucky! HEHE Jk

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