MAC Holiday Pigment Sets  

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Look what I got for Christmas! =)
The two pigment set from MAC Holiday Collection. This set is called "Little Darling" each cost $29.00 but right now is on sale for $22.13. They also have 3 lipgloss set and 1 eyeliner set but I didn't get it. The lipgloss sets are sold out! :( I don't really like the eyeliner.

5 Cool Pigments/Glitter
from left to right:
Reflects Blackened Red (Glitter)
Pinked Mauve
Quietly (such a pretty color is my fav!)

5 Warm Pigments/Glitter
from left to right:
Reflects Antique Gold (Glitter)
Gold Stroke
Gold Mode
Melon ( I already have this in a larger version)
Gold Dusk

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