MAC Royal Asset Brush set  

Saturday, February 7, 2009

$33.75 each brush set (CCO)

Heirlooms: 5 Eye Brushes (silver) $33.75

From Left To Right:

*MAC 252 Shader brush
*MAC 212 Flat Definer brush
*MAC 217 Blending brush
*MAC 209 Eye Liner brush
*MAC 275 Angled Shading brush

heirlooms: 4 face brushes (gold) $33.75

From Left To Right:

*MAC 187 Duo Fiber brush
*MAC 168 Angled Contour brush
*MAC 194 Concealer brush
*MAC 190 Foundation brush

This brushes came out in 2007 part of the MAC Holiday Collection. There was one more brush set that came with this collection but I didn't get it. I bought this at the CCO for only $33.75. I like this brushes because is small and I can't take it anywhere with me. I also like it because is cheaper than the full size brushes.

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