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Friday, February 13, 2009

My friend Lenny and I went shopping yesterday. First, we went to the MAC PRO to see the HK collection. We bought the stuff we wanted to get and then we decided to get some lunch before we start shopping again. After eating lunch, we start to talk about how much we liked the HK collection so we decided to go back to MAC PRO to buy more stuff. We were going crazy because the MAC Hello Kitty items were selling out so fast. Some of the stuff we wanted were sold out so we decide to go to Macy's to check out their MAC. We did find what we were looking for but I forgot to buy the "On The Prowl" nail polish which is now SOLD OUT everywhere! =(

I'm so glad we went to MAC at Macy's because we had a great time with the two nicest MAC Makeup Artist. They help us a lot and they even let us play around with the entire HK Collection samples for 2 hours.

When we got home from the mall, We decided to go online to get more stuff at We ordered online the "Hello Kitty Soft Vanity Case" and the "Very Pink" Glitter. HEHE.

I'm obsess with MAKEUP and She's Obsess with HELLO KITTY! We are a perfect pair for this collection! HAHA. I'm really glad Lenny came with me because I had a great time with her.

Here is the list of the stuff I bought from the Hello Kitty Collection at MAC PRO and MACY'S :
(First purchase)
  1. Hello Kitty Cosmetics Bag $35
  2. Something About Pink $11
  3. Pink Fish Tinted Lip Condtioner $14.50
  4. Popster Tinted Lip Conditioner $14.50

Total w/tax: $80.25

(Second purchase)

  1. Kitty Power Glitter Liner $16.50
  2. Fashion Mews Lipstick $14.00
  3. Big Bow $14.00
  4. Fast Friends Lipglass $14.00
  5. Sweet Strawberry $14.00
  6. Deep Blue Green Pigment $19.00
  7. Milk Pigment $19.00

Total w/tax: $119.31


  1. Most Popular Lipstick $14.00
  2. Nice to be nice Lipglass $14.00
  3. Nice Kitty lipglass $14.00
  4. Her Glitz Glitter liner $14.00

Total w/tax: $62.60

  1. Very Pink Glitter $17.50
  2. Soft Vanity Case $55.00

Total w/tax: $79.50

Free Shipping!

Total Spent:


Yap! I went MAC crazy!

I'm not going to post my entire MAC HELLO KITTY collection yet because I'm still waiting for a package from the mail. I'm also thinking about buying some stuff from HK Kouture but I'm not sure since I already spent so much money with this collection.

(For my non filipino readers: "ATE" means older sister in filipino language. We call "ATE" to the girls who are older that us to show respect even if we are not related. Just to let you all know just in case someone makes a comment about it).

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