Jane Minerals Blushes Swatches/Haul  

Friday, April 10, 2009

I went to Walgreens yesterday during my lunch break. I was thinking about buying the Maybelline Power Blushes but instead I bought 4 of the Jane Mineral Blushes because they were on sale! I can't find my receipt but I think the Original Price was $5.99 and I only got them for only $2.89 each.

  • Plum: Rosey plum color. matte finish. way too dark for me?
  • Satin: PINK! It's a little darker than Rose Silk but I think its so pretty and I cant wait to try it!
  • Mink: peachy orangey color and very shimmery. hmm.. I don't really know what to think of this one. I hope it will look good on me since its peach.
  • Rose Silk: light pink/Baby Pink. I don't think this will look good on my me but we will see.

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