My Best Friends Wedding  

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Best Friend is getting married and I'm so happy that she finally found her prince charming. We have been friends since high school! Damn.. so many years ago! I'm getting old :( I promise not to mention her name to protect her identity since she had a problem with stalkers before. HEHE. I mean you can tell she's gorgeous and tall (5'11)! She would get weird messages and crap from weird dudes. Some are even older than my Father! One time someone even stalked her while shopping at Walmart. He thought she was Katherine McPhee! Haha. I don't see it.. but I thought that was funny and scary at the same time. Ok enough of that!
This is what my bridesmaid dress looks like but in different colors. Instead of white is going to be like a "Maroon/Dark Reddish" color and the Ribbon/Belt/Train is going to be like a "Light Champagne" color. She wanted the colors to be Traditional. You know what i mean? I'm really bad on explaining things.. HAHA.
So she'll be ordering this dress at the end of April and we will receive it in 3 months! Yay! I have more time to lose weight! Hehe. Thank goodness I know a really good Tailor (MY MOTHER)! :) She can chop it off in pieces until I can fit in it!
Good luck to me ;)
Update: If you are curious about what her wedding dress looks like.

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